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Huawei Nova 12 Pro Review: Why shouldn’t you buy it?

In the realm of smartphones, Huawei has long been a contender, offering a diverse range of devices catering to various consumer needs. However, the Huawei Nova 12 Pro, despite its impressive specifications on paper, falls short in several crucial areas. Let’s delve into why this device might not be the right choice for you.


The camera setup on the Huawei Nova 12 Pro boasts impressive specifications, including a dual 50 MP wide lens and an 8 MP ultrawide lens. While these specs may sound promising, real-world performance leaves much to be desired. Despite the high megapixel count, image processing algorithms struggle to deliver consistent quality, resulting in mediocre photo and video output compared to competitors in the same price range.


Featuring a large 6.76-inch LTPO OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, the Huawei Nova 12 Pro offers an immersive viewing experience. However, the display quality falls short of expectations, with noticeable color inaccuracies and subpar brightness levels, especially when used outdoors under direct sunlight.


Powered by the Kirin 9000S chipset and HarmonyOS 4.0, the Huawei Nova 12 Pro promises smooth performance and seamless multitasking. Unfortunately, the reality is far from ideal, as users may encounter occasional lag and stutter, particularly when running resource-intensive applications or games.


With stereo speakers and HDR support, the Huawei Nova 12 Pro aims to deliver an enhanced multimedia experience. However, the absence of a 3.5mm headphone jack limits connectivity options, forcing users to rely on wireless audio solutions or USB Type-C adapters, which may not be convenient for everyone.


While the Huawei Nova 12 Pro features a sleek and premium design, complete with a slim profile and minimal bezels, its hefty weight of 201g makes it uncomfortable to hold for extended periods. Additionally, the lack of IP-rated water and dust resistance is a notable omission, potentially compromising the device’s durability in everyday usage scenarios.


Equipped with a 4600mAh battery and 100W fast charging support, the Huawei Nova 12 Pro offers impressive on-paper battery life and quick recharge times. However, real-world usage reveals inconsistent battery performance, with some users reporting rapid drain under heavy usage conditions and slower-than-advertised charging speeds.


  • Big sized OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate
  • Impressive camera hardware specifications
  • Fast charging support with 100W wired charging


  • Inconsistent camera performance
  • Mediocre display quality
  • Subpar battery life and charging speeds

In conclusion, while the Huawei Nova 12 Pro may seem enticing with its high-end specifications and sleek design, its shortcomings in key areas such as camera performance, display quality, and battery life make it a difficult recommendation compared to other smartphones in its price range. For consumers seeking a reliable and feature-rich device, exploring alternatives might be a prudent choice.

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