Huawei unveils its own programming language the “Cangjie”

Huawei is a brand known for its great tech innovations. Despite multiple sanctions by the US, the firm did not stop inventing and expanding its market reach. The brand launched its self-developed programming language in the latest HDC 2024 developer conference today. It is named as “Cangjie.” Huawei has invented this language for various uses inside the tech niche.

Huawei claims “Cangjie” comes to strong security

Huawei has claimed that Cangjie is a very intelligent programming language. To be more precise, the brand says that “Cangjie offers native intelligence, natural all scenario, high performance and strong security.” The brand has made some bold statements regarding its self-developed programming language and it would be worth watching if it stands up to it or not.

Huawei further reveals its plan to integrate the Cangjie with its HarmonyOS ecosystem. The motive of this integration is said to be providing a user-friendly development experience. As per the brand, here are some key features of Huawei’s programming language: Native intelligence, full scene capabilities, high performance and strong security.”

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The Cangjie features a built-in AgentDSL framework that mixes natural language with the programming language. Further, the language is designed to be lightweight and scalable. It also comes with a new garbage collection system for smoother application threads and a faster response time.

That’s not all, the programming language is multi-paradigm and supports functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming styles. One can further make use of its features like type inference, generics and pattern matching.

Huawei has used all effort to praise and explain all the benefits of its own programming language, the Canjie. While the brand seems pretty confident about it, we will have to wait a bit more for it to come out in the market and then the developers throwing more light on it.

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