iOS did it, Xiaomi improved it! HyperOS (MIUI 15) offers the most feature packed lock screen customizations.

Xiaomi has finally announced HyperOS, and we’re already getting a glimpse of what the future HyperOS will look like. HyperOS lock screen customizations are right here, Xiaomi has unveiled HyperOS, and the official update rollout has not yet begun, but we already have leaks revealing how HyperOS will look.

What we know so far is the revamped quick settings and some built-in system apps such as the new HyperOS camera app. Xiaomi brought some brand-new customization features for the lock screen, those are like the iOS 16 lock screen customizations mixed with Google’s customization options released with Android 14.

In Xiaomi’s new user interface, HyperOS, there are three different lock screen styles: Classic, Magazine, and Rhombus. The Classic one displays the time, date, and weather information, while the Magazine style allows you to showcase a custom text in a large font. You can have a text of your choice is always visible on your lock screen. Another notable feature that caught our attention in HyperOS is that the lock screen wallpapers might include a depth map.

If you take a closer look at the Magazine style, you can notice that the model’s hair appears over the custom text. This depth effect creates a more immersive experience on the lock screen, much like what iOS 16 offers. Rhombus style is very similar to the Google’s new Double Line clock. Xiaomi offers multiple clockfaces on the Rhombus style.


You can add special effects to wallpapers to give them a more reeded appearance, which actually resembles Nothing’s built-in wallpapers. In addition to the wallpaper effects, Xiaomi has actually made the classic lock screen with tons of customization options.

Practically almost every component within HyperOS’ brand-new lock screen can be modified. For instance, you have the flexibility to set the clock in a different style and adjust the clock’s color. Moreover, you have the option to modify the clock’s font style and select various date styles. In addition to these options, you can also change the weather information displayed on the lock screen; for instance, you have the ability to show the UV index, wind speed, or humidity instead of the temperature, all based on your preferences.

What are your thoughts on the new lock screen customizations in Xiaomi’s new user interface, HyperOS? Do you believe these new lock screen features are sufficient, or do you wish for more to be added?

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