Xiaomi’s HyperOS Control Center Leaked! Android has never been closer to iOS

HyperOS Control Center leaks is new evolution for a visual treat as the animations receive a significant overhaul. Among the notable changes is the introduction of a sleek iOS-inspired animation for the downward swipe gesture. Compatible with MIUI 14, built upon the Android 13, this leaked HyperOS Control Center not only introduces functional enhancements but also brings a touch of elegance to the user interface.

Panels look cluttered, no more text on quick toggles, settings shortcut removed, it’s slower to pull down and you have to swipe more to show the panel, can’t disable the big android s easter egg switch. It have better and smoother animations and a better layout.

New Pull Down Animation

One of the standout updates found in the leaked HyperOS Control Center is the redesigned downward swipe animation. Departing from traditional MIUI 12 animations, HyperOS has embraced a sleek, iOS-inspired animation that adds a layer of sophistication to the user experience. As users swipe downward to access the Control Center, they are greeted with a visually pleasing and fluid animation, reminiscent of the seamless interactions seen in iOS devices.

The decision to incorporate an iOS-style animation reflects a broader trend in the tech industry, where successful design elements transcend platform boundaries. By introducing a downward swipe animation reminiscent of iOS, HyperOS aims to bridge the gap between different operating systems, offering users a sense of familiarity while maintaining the underlying Android framework.

Enhanced Music Controls

One standout feature revealed by the leaked HyperOS Control Center is the addition of music controls, taking inspiration from the intuitive design seen in iOS. Users will now find a dedicated music control box, allowing them to effortlessly play or pause music directly from the Control Center. This integration not only adds a touch of convenience but also aligns HyperOS with the user-friendly navigation principles found in iOS.

Revamped Quick Shortcuts

The leaked app has also shed light on the redesigned quick shortcuts within the Control Center. Notably, the design has reverted to a scroll-down layout reminiscent of MIUI 12, offering users a familiar and efficient way to access various functions on their devices. This return to a tried-and-true design is likely to resonate positively with users who appreciated the simplicity and ease of use found in earlier versions of the MIUI interface.

The leaked HyperOS Control Center not only introduces functional updates but also unveils a refined downward swipe animation inspired by iOS. This elegant animation is poised to contribute to a more visually pleasing and seamless user experience. As users eagerly await the official release, the leaked features and animations offer a promising glimpse into the dedication of Xiaomi to provide a feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing mobile operating system. Stay tuned for new announcements for a secure and optimized integration of the new animations within the HyperOS ecosystem.

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