Xiaomi to Introduce Powerful New SoC Codenamed RING Poised to Rival Snapdragon 8G2

According to internal sources, Xiaomi is working on a new self-developed smartphone System on a Chip (SoC). This isn’t the first time the company has embarked on such an ambitious project; in fact, it previously launched a successful SoC named ‘Surge S1’ back in 2017. Since then, there have been no major additions to the Surge SoC lineup, although the company has introduced smaller derivative chips such as the Surge C1 ISP chip, Surge P1/P2 charging chip, Surge G1 battery management chip, and Surge T1 communication chip.

Xiaomi New SoC Codenamed RING

The internal codename for this project is ‘RING’, and the chip is expected to go for tap out soon. He also suggests that the positioning of this chip is quite high, potentially rivaling Qualcomm’s last-gen Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Xiaomi new chip

Today, the well-known Weibo tipster Digital Chat Station also hinted at a potential new chip from Xiaomi, which is expected to arrive soon. The blogger mentioned that Xiaomi currently focuses on three core underlying technologies: OS, AI, and chips. Back in February, during an interview with Counterpoint, MediaTek’s CEO revealed that ARM is collaborating with Xiaomi to assist in their business.

Consequently, many experts in the tech industry have suggested that Xiaomi is gearing up to introduce its new chip. If successful, this move could position Xiaomi as a new contender in the global chip war, which currently includes prominent names like Qualcomm, MediaTek, Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, and UNISOC.

Mediatek CEO interview to Counterpoint

However, it’s worth mentioning that last year Oppo was also doing something similar under its project team named ‘ZHEKU,’ but it was dissolved for unknown reasons. Only time will tell if Xiaomi will be successful or if it will face the same fate as Oppo.

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