MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 – Which one is better?

Today, we are comparing MIUI 14 vs iOS 17, MIUI 14 is latest software version of Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices, and iOS also latest software version of Apple devices. iOS 17 was officially introduced with the Apple WWDC 2023 event recently. In this article, we will not only view iOS 17 version, which comes with many innovations, but also compare it in detail with MIUI 14. With this MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison article, we will compare and review both software of the two brands in detail.

MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 Comparison

MIUI is one of the most popular UI for Xiaomi devices. Vibrant UI, diverse personalization options, and useful features make MIUI intuitive and user-friendly. And iOS 17 delivers a smart, connected, and worry-free experience, using a vibrant design language for vitality, comfort and simplicity.

iOS 17 was recently introduced with Apple WWDC 2023 and was made available to a limited number of users through the iOS Development Beta channel. Both interfaces have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s start the MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison.

Lockscreen & Homescreen

When you pick up a smartphone, of course, you first see the lockscreen and homescreen. That’s why we start our MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison from this part. Both interfaces are sleek, compact and simple. When we take a look at the MIUI 14 lockscreen, there are date/time, notification and camera widgets. System icons and operator name are available in status bar. On the homescreen, there are app icons and drawer, with MIUI, application drawer is disabled by default, you can open it manually.

iOS 17, on the other hand, has a more stylish interface than MIUI 14, and there are more beautifully placed system icons on lockscreen. It has date/time, a calendar widget, status bar and operator section. On the homescreen, there are app icons with widgets. iOS 17 looks much more stylish and beautiful than MIUI 14. We continue our MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison with the notification panel, widgets, styles & wallpapers.

Notification Panel, Widgets, Styles & Wallpapers

There is an important part in MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison, other aspects that you encounter in daily usage include the notification panel, widgets, styles and wallpapers. This is the part that adds color to the interface, and here we will compare the important customizations and design features in both interfaces.

Notification panel in MIUI 14 came with the MIUI 12 version, this iOS-inspired panel looks very stylish and useful. Next to the Wi-Fi and mobile data buttons, and there is brightness and media volume slider, and there are other system icons below. There are also media player and smart hub buttons. MIUI 14 widgets are very useful, they can be added anywhere on the home screen.

There is a wide variety of options in the styles & wallpapers section; Wallpaper, AOD, lockscreen clock style, system icon pack, system font and much more can be changed. Since MIUI offers a wide variety of possibilities in this regard, themes created by communities can be downloaded and installed from the “Themes” application, ahead of iOS in the customization part. You can also create a custom device theme yourself.

iOS 17 has a similar interface to MIUI 14, as most of Xiaomi’s innovations with MIUI 12 were inspired by iOS. iOS 17 notification panel is more minimalist, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data and airplane mode icons in the top left. Just on the right, there is a media player control panel. And under it, there is the brightness and media volume panel. Other necessary system icons are placed at the bottom.

iOS 17 widgets are stylish widgets that can be placed anywhere on the homescreen. Although the styles section is not as detailed as MIUI 14, it has very stylish wallpapers and customization options in iOS 17, the wallpaper compatible lockscreen clocks is an example of this. We continue our MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison with other system applications.

Other System Apps

Let’s continue MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison by review other system apps. There is no app drawer by default in MIUI, but it can be opened manually from the launcher settings. MIUI system applications are very useful and there are many kinds of applications. You can easily search for your applications from the search bar. It’s possible to encounter different bloatware apps according to MIUI regions, and region-specific content is offered. These unremovable apps are a disadvantage for MIUI.

This is how the App Library is available in iOS 17, and iOS 17 also has a wide variety of useful system apps. In addition, applications are divided into different folders according to their categories. This request allows you to easily find the application. App search is also available on iOS, you can easily find the application you are looking for. On iOS unfortunately there is no way to uninstall system apps. MIUI users could handle this using ADB, but on iOS this is not possible. We conclude our MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison by reviewing device settings, exclusive features and more.

Device Settings, Exclusive Features and More

We conclude the MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison by examining all the remaining options. When we take a look at the settings and other features in MIUI, there are user-friendly options. In the Settings application, the Mi Account tab and the device info section greet you. You can access the device features and MIUI version from the My device section, where the device’s storage space and space are also available. MIUI 14 offers various features, remaining settings are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sound, Wallpaper & Personalization, AOD & Lockscreen and so on.

With iOS 17, there were many innovations in the past days, there were many new features such as lock screen font size options, control center design changes. We take a final look at iOS 17 and wrap up the comparison. There are many configuration options about your iOS device on the Settings screen. You can update to the current iOS version from the iOS version section, you can also send feedback from the developer beta section.

Here we end the MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison, both interfaces have their own pros and cons. Xiaomi and Apple users will make the final decision, so who do you think will win the MIUI 14 vs iOS 17 comparison? Do not forget to give your opinion below. What’s new with iOS 17 is available in this article, stay tuned for more.

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