Motorola Moto G34 Review: Why shouldn’t you buy it?

In the vast ocean of smartphones, the Motorola Moto G34 emerges as a budget-friendly contender, offering a mix of features and specifications tailored to meet the needs of discerning consumers. However, a closer examination reveals certain drawbacks that may deter prospective buyers from opting for this device.

Camera Performance

Armed with a dual-camera setup comprising a 50 MP primary sensor and a 2 MP macro lens, the Motorola Moto G34 delivers satisfactory imaging capabilities. While capable of capturing decent photos in well-lit conditions, the camera system struggles to maintain quality in low-light settings, often resulting in noisy or grainy images lacking in detail.

Display Quality

Featuring a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display with a 120Hz refresh rate, the Motorola Moto G34 offers an immersive visual experience for everyday use. However, the display’s resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels may fall short of expectations, resulting in less sharp and detailed visuals compared to competing devices in a similar price range.

Performance Efficiency

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G chipset and available in configurations up to 8GB of RAM, the Motorola Moto G34 delivers smooth performance for routine tasks and moderate multitasking. However, users may experience occasional lag or stuttering when running demanding applications or switching between multiple apps simultaneously, highlighting limitations in processing power.

Multimedia Experience

Equipped with stereo speakers and support for Snapdragon Sound technology, the Motorola Moto G34 offers a satisfactory multimedia experience, allowing users to enjoy their favorite audio content with enhanced clarity and fidelity. Nevertheless, the absence of advanced audio features or enhancements may disappoint audiophiles seeking a more immersive audio experience.

Build Quality and Design

Crafted from a combination of glass and plastic materials, the Motorola Moto G34 boasts a modern and sleek design aesthetic, complemented by a water-repellent build for added durability. However, the device’s plastic construction may feel less premium compared to smartphones with glass or metal builds, potentially detracting from the overall user experience.

Battery Endurance

Backed by a robust 5000mAh battery and 18W wired charging support, the Motorola Moto G34 offers reliable battery life for extended usage sessions. However, the absence of faster charging technologies such as USB Power Delivery or Quick Charge may inconvenience users who prioritize swift recharging capabilities.


  • Competitive pricing for budget-conscious consumers
  • Smooth performance for routine tasks and moderate multitasking
  • Stereo speakers with support for Snapdragon Sound technology
  • Water-repellent design for added durability
  • Robust battery life for extended usage sessions


  • Limited camera performance in low-light conditions
  • Lower resolution display may result in less sharp visuals
  • Occasional lag or stuttering during demanding tasks
  • Absence of advanced audio features for immersive multimedia experiences
  • Plastic construction may feel less premium
  • Lack of faster charging technologies

In conclusion, while the Motorola Moto G34 offers commendable features and specifications at an attractive price point, its shortcomings in crucial areas such as camera performance, display quality, and overall user experience may dissuade discerning buyers seeking a more refined smartphone experience. As such, prospective buyers should carefully evaluate the device’s pros and cons against their individual preferences and requirements before making a purchase decision.

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