New Android 14 Wallpapers: Get them now

New Android 14 wallpapers have been added to the system with the Android 14. The newest wallpaper feature coming with Android 14 is the Emoji Wallpaper feature. With this feature, you can create animated, colorful wallpapers using your favorite emojis. We can assume that the wallpapers of the Google Pixel 8 series introduced with Android 14 are also Android 14 wallpapers because the wallpapers used in the Nexus series were also the wallpaper of that Android version. Let’s take a look at Android 14’s new wallpapers and apply them to our smartphones.

Emoji Wallpaper

In order to use the new Emoji Wallpaper feature that comes with Android 14, we need to install an APK file from Google Pixel devices on our phone. After installing this APK file, we only need a few tiny steps to use the new emoji wallpaper feature. Before we forget, the new Emoji Wallpaper feature works on Android 13 and later devices. Follow these steps to use emoji wallpaper feature on your Android smartphone.

  • Get Emoji Wallpaper APK file
  • Install Emoji Wallpaper APK file
  • Open live wallpaper picker (use Google Wallpapers app if live wallpaper picker is not exist)
  • Select “Your emoji wallpaper” and customize your wallpaper
  • Apply wallpaper

Pixel 8 Series Wallpapers

New Pixel 8 wallpapers to be added with Android 14 were leaked before the Pixel 8 series was even introduced. These new wallpapers consist of gemstone shapes. These gemstone shapes emphasize that both Android 14 and the Pixel 8 series are really valuable. You can also get all wallpapers on a zip file to pick wallpapers from your gallery instead of getting one by one.

Google’s new Android 14 will be released in September. Although these wallpapers will come with Android 14, they will not be pre-installed on all devices that will receive Android 14. If you have a device that has received the Android 14 update and if you cannot find these wallpapers on your device, you can get the wallpapers from this article we wrote and apply them to your devices.

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