There won’t be any MIUI 15 in future, instead we’ll get all-new MiOS

Xiaomi devices are highly regarded for their standout feature, MIUI. This interface has gained popularity thanks to its customizable nature, sleek user interface, and impressive animations. Nevertheless, recent reports circulating the internet suggest that Xiaomi plans on discontinuing MIUI and introducing a new operating system called MiOS exclusively for their devices.

MiOS will soon replace the MIUI, no MIUI 15 in the future

Some smartphone companies are already working on their next user interfaces using Android 14, which was recently launched. Xiaomi is one of these companies, and they are expected to release MIUI 15 soon. However, a reliable source has revealed that Xiaomi plans to skip it entirely and introduce a new operating system called MiOS.

According to reliable tipster Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi is reportedly planning to replace its current MIUI interface with a new operating system called MiOS. This new OS is said to be compatible with AOSP and will be used on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

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There is uncertainty surrounding MiOS, as it is unclear if it will be another Android overlay UI or a completely new mobile operating system created by Xiaomi. Previous rumors suggest that Xiaomi may be developing its own operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), similar to Huawei.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi registered the domain name “” in November 2022, suggesting that they are working on a new user interface. Perhaps it is time to say goodbye to MIUI and welcome the new MiOS into the industry. We are eager to test out this fresh operating system and see where it will take the Xiaomi brand. With Xiaomi devices already being widely renowned, it is sure to be an exciting journey.


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