Official images of Vivo X100 Pro are online

Fans of smartphones are excited because picture of the highly anticipated Vivo X100 Pro have been released. Vivo has shown an official poster of the Vivo X100 Pro in a beautiful blue color. In this article, we’ll examine the official images and interesting aspects of the Vivo X100 family. With the launch date set for November 11, 2023, it’s time to get ready for the future of Vivo smartphones.

Official Image of Vivo X100 Pro

Vivo enthusiasts and tech aficionados can finally get a glimpse of what the Vivo X100 Pro has in store. The official images show the device’s design and the beautiful blue color variant. Users will be captivated by its elegant and modern look. Vivo has a history of creating visually appealing smartphones, and the X100 Pro appears to be no exception.

Vivo X100 Pro Specifications

The Vivo X100 Pro is not just a visual delight; it also packs a punch in terms of specifications. Here’s what we know about this remarkable smartphone. The X100 Pro uses the Dimensity 9300 chipset for powerful performance and multitasking.

Vivo is known for its camera prowess, and the X100 Pro is no different. The camera setup is advanced. It has a 23mm IMX989 sensor with 50MP resolution and OIS. This primary camera promises excellent low-light photography. You have two options for photography: a 15mm JN1 sensor with 50MP or a 100mm OV64B sensor with 64MP. The “Zeiss Vario-Apo-Sonnar” suggests they are working together to improve photography. Vivo is expected to deliver a vibrant and immersive screen experience. The specific display details have not been confirmed yet.

Vivo X100: What to Expect

In addition to the X100 Pro, there’s also the Vivo X100 to look forward to. The X100 family will provide an excellent smartphone experience. It has the following features. The X100 Pro and X100 will use the Dimensity 9300 chipset for fast performance and 5G connection. The X100 has three sensors: IMX920, JN1, and OV64B. These sensors make the camera versatile for capturing great photos and videos.

Mark Your Calendar

Vivo has set the launch date for the X100 Pro and X100 on November 11, 2023. Today, tech enthusiasts and smartphone fans will finally get to try out these highly anticipated devices. Keep an eye on Vivo’s official announcements and stay tuned for more information as the launch date approaches.


The official images and specifications of the Vivo X100 Pro have ignited excitement in the world of smartphones. The Vivo X100 Pro has a strong processor, a good camera, and a nice design. It is becoming a strong competitor in the market. Mark November 11, 2023, on your calendar for Vivo’s groundbreaking smartphone launch. They aim to set new standards in innovation and excellence.

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