OnePlus just killled “When you buy” meme!

There has been a meme going around on social media for a long time, and OnePlus has completely killed the “When you buy” meme with their upcoming OnePlus 12 model. Sometimes the products may not be as perfect as advertised or may have unrevealed issues, which can be frustrating for customers. In the case of smartphones, there has been an occasional annoyance for years – trying to use the phone under the rain.

It might be really annoying to trying to use the phone and, worse, actually must use the phone outside under the rain. Nearly every phone on the market today interprets even a tiny bit of water on the screen as input, which can lead to unintentional page navigation.This leads to unwanted letters being pressed on the keyboard and accidentally opening different applications.

As the OnePlus 12 has not been released yet, how OnePlus has developed a solution regarding this issue remains a mystery. However, their recently shared advertising post looks quite promising. OnePlus 12, set to be introduced this year, comes with solid features.

OnePlus 12 marks also its second breakthrough in 2023, emerging as the smartphone with the highest display brightness this year. While Redmi K70 previously came with 4000 nits of brightness, OnePlus is set to surpass that with OnePlus 12, featuring an impressive 4500 nits of brightness.

So, what are your thoughts on OnePlus 12? Please comment down below!

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