OxygenOS Won’t Go Back to Stock UI, Confirms OnePlus Head of Software

One of the main factors contributing to OnePlus‘ success in the market is OxygenOS. Users were recognized to have a spick-and-span, fluid experience because of the UI. However, after the company merged its OxygenOS and ColoOS, things changed. There were benefits as well as drawbacks to this merger of the UIs. Many fans disagreed with the choice, while others supported it. But now, official news has surfaced that will further upset OxygenOS fans who opposed the merger decision and always preferred to see OxygenOS as a standalone entity.

OxygenOS users should completely forget the stock UI now!

Because of OnePlus’ closer relationship with OPPO, Oxygen OS, and ColorOS, the operating systems offered by the two companies, have a lot in common. Zach Lin, Lead of Oxygen OS Product, and Gary Chen, the Product Partnership Lead at OnePlus, spoke with Android Central about the software’s future. The newest Oxygen OS 14 version and its new features are discussed by both OnePlus execs.

The officials confirmed that Oxygen OS won’t come back, at least not anytime soon. He noted that Oxygen OS and ColorOS are now developed on the same codebase for greater build quality and updates as a result of the integration. This will cause the two skins to resemble one another. As a result, Oxygen OS and ColorOS will both use the Aquamorphic design philosophy. However, it will continue to provide personalized features like icons, widgets, ringtones, AOD, and more to meet the demands of OxygenOS users and admirers.

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The executive said, “Our goal is to combine the best aspects of both products, creating a new and exceptional offering.”

It seems that the possibility of OxygenOS reverting to a stock UI is no longer on the table. If you were among the fans clinging onto that expectation, it’s time to move on. Nonetheless, it’s worth monitoring whether OnePlus will continue to provide OxygenOS unique features, such as a pristine UI and subtle UI modifications, in the future.

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