OPPO Find X7 series new camera system announced; new benchmark for mobile cameras

The OPPO Find X series of smartphones is renowned for its top-of-the-line cameras that excel in both photography and videography. The upcoming Find X7 series is highly anticipated and expected to continue this trend. Various rumors and teasers on the internet have suggested that the device will boast powerful camera hardware, and an official announcement has confirmed this. The camera system on the OPPO Find X7 series is expected to be exceptional.

OPPO Find X7 Series Super Light Shadow Image System Announced

OPPO has announced a collaboration with Hasselblad to develop the cutting-edge 2024 super light shadow image system. This cooperation combines OPPO’s expertise in mobile technology with Hasselblad’s illustrious reputation in classic aesthetics and imaging technology. The move is intended to transform imaging capabilities in the coming year.

The resulting superlight shadow image system is made up of three major parts:

  1. HyperTone Al Main Camera technology: This technology improves zoom magnification, giving users more creative freedom with diverse perspectives.
  2. HyperTone Image Engine: This engine seeks to improve image quality and accuracy by employing complex calculation methods to decrease computational artifacts.
  3. HyperTone ProXDR Display: An innovative photo display designed to improve screen viewing and provide an amazing visual experience.

The Ultra Shadow Image Engine, designed for portrait photography, enhances the three-dimensional quality of facial characteristics. OPPO’s image lab has boosted its skin tone sample color blocks from 2 to an astonishing 90 hues to improve skin tone accuracy, providing a more precise replication of skin tone features. Furthermore, the Natural Portrait Bokeh Engine improves depth depiction by replicating optical bokeh via internal gradient modifications.

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The results of this collaboration will first be seen in the OPPO Find X7 smartphone series. These advances are expected to be included in upcoming releases such as the OnePlus 12 series and the OPPO Reno11 series. This collaborative endeavor has the potential to alter mobile imaging technology by providing consumers with unrivaled image quality and extended creative capabilities.

OnePlus China President Li Jie Louis has stated his firm belief in the new technology, describing it as the pinnacle of mobile photography. The device’s powerful imaging capabilities are likely to outperform competitors, maybe outperforming even the most recent flagship image equipment. This device’s one-of-a-kind combination of technology and algorithms ensures image quality that is poised to alter the smartphone photography landscape.


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