The upcoming MediaTek Dimensity 9300 outperforms Snapdragon 8 Gen 2!

MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 is set to make its debut ahead of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, as reported earlier. Rumors suggest that the Dimensity 9300 boasts a remarkable 50% improvement in power efficiency compared to its predecessor, the 9200. This chipset is equipped with 4 Cortex-X4 and 4 Cortex-A720 cores, all of which are performance-oriented.

MediaTek Dimensity 9300 tested on GFXBench

A recent post on Digital Chat Station’s Weibo (Chinese social media platform) account revealed that the MediaTek Dimensity achieved an impressive 90 FPS in the Aztec 1440p test on GFXBench. In comparison, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 scored 68 FPS, while Apple A16 managed to reach 53 FPS in the same benchmark. The differences between the results are huge and MediaTek’s score is almost 30% better performance compared to Snapdragon. In fact, this result is not surprising since Dimensity 9300 is tipped to feature 4x Cortex-X4 cores which is a performance oriented prime core developedby ARM.

We know that MediaTek took the lead with a huge gap but don’t forget that this is a GPU test rather than the CPU itself. While MediaTek’s performance achievement is quite exciting, it remains to be seen if the rumored 50% better power energy efficiency of the Dimensity 9300 will hold true. We will see if MediaTek did a good job once the new chipset has been released.

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