Here’s what Vivo’s newly announced OriginOS 4.0 brings to the table!

During China’s annual developer conference, Vivo presented its latest OriginOS 4.0 user interface. This updated UI includes a slew of new features and modifications. The update includes almost 2,000 redesigned icons, to prioritize visual comfort while assuring easy recognition. OriginOS 4 focuses on providing a user-friendly interface that improves the entire user experience without compromising familiarity.

What does the new Vivo’s OriginOS 4.0 bring?

The most notable change in OriginOS 4.0 is a revolutionary collaboration with many artists and developers that resulted in the launch of the one-of-a-kind Vivo Sans custom font. This new typeface incorporates cutting-edge design elements including “avoidance design” and “Nakamiya Variable Technology” to provide excellent legibility over various font sizes.

OriginOS 4 introduces screen-off and lock screen customization tools, similar to Xiaomi’s HyperOS, allowing customers to tailor their devices. The lock screen can be customized with various fonts, colors, and layouts. It also transforms UI interaction by introducing real-time blurring effects, giving a more realistic feel and cleaner layout. Furthermore, the contextual wallpaper provides an immersive digital adventure that unfolds gracefully with a simple fingertip swipe.

Vivo Intelligent Vehicle 4.0 is a game changer in-car connectivity, providing voice-controlled navigation, music, calls, and interface buttons to over 100 automotive brands and 1,360 car models. This cutting-edge integration goes beyond convenience by streamlining parking with a smart parking assistant feature that makes finding nearby parking lots simple.

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It has streamlined payment choices as well as immediate location detection upon exit. “Leaving the Parking Lot Navigation Optimization,” a remarkable feature, is a standout innovation. It significantly increases positioning recovery speed and decreases motorist discomfort across 14 cities and 280 parking lots.


OriginOS 4 introduces a cutting-edge meeting assistant in the domain of office capabilities. This assistant provides real-time sound-to-text transcription and automatically adds screenshots to meeting minutes, making it easier to find important meeting points and saving minutes directly to Atomic Notes for future reference and editing. Furthermore, the super power-saving mode ensures extended standby time even at a 1% charge, allowing for up to 3 hours of use or a 15-minute conversation.

So that was all we had to say about it. The UI brings many new changes under the hood which will be revealed in the future when we get the chance to properly test out the upgraded user interface. [Via]

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