Xiaomi 15 to Feature Self-Developed Chip, 4900mAh Battery, and 90W HyperCharge

It may be the time to finally say that the Xiaomi 15 series launch is not too far from now. The excitement for it is increasing day by day. And to further spark up the excitement, tons of rumours and news are making the rounds of the internet. But the official launch is what we all are probably waiting for. But before that, we have exclusive news to share regarding the upcoming Xiaomi 15 device. We’ve got some interesting news regarding the forthcoming device.

Xiaomi 15 to Pack 4900mAh Battery with 90W Wired Charging and 50W Wireless Charging

As per the information shared by our in-house leaker, the Xiaomi 15 will debut with a 4900mAh battery packed in. Further, it will have the support of 90W Xiaomi HyperCharge fast charging tech and 50W wireless charging. The size of the battery is probably fixed at 4900mAh because of the size of the device. The Xiaomi 15 is going to be a compact device and it will compete with the Galaxy S25.

But that’s not all we have for now. So keep the seat belts in. Our in-house leaker further said that Xiaomi 15 will feature a new chipset manufactured by Xiaomi. Well, the purpose of this chipset and what exactly it is going to do remains a suspense for now. But it’s of course not going to replace the Snapdragon power chipset.

Xiaomi has manufactured several chipsets in the past such as Surge P1, T2 etc. Some of these chipsets were meant to control the charging while some were meant to improve signal performance. Xiaomi 15 is also going to have one such chip. We will probably have to wait for a few weeks for any other information to come out and reveal what exactly it is going to do. That’s it for the exclusive news we have for now.

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