YouTube Community Note feature is coming very soon!

YouTube is probably the most famous and widely used video streaming platform on Android. The platform has undergone many changes in recent times such as a new redesigned user interface, updated video algorithms and much more. The platform is again getting a new feature called Community Notes. This feature is designed to add context to the videos and to provide better reference to the viewers.

YouTube videos will also have Community Notes soon

The concept of Community Notes isn’t anything new. Popular social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) already have it. The Community Note is a contextual note added by a group of selected people to the posts that provide false information or are clickbait. YouTube is also working to add this feature to its videos very soon.

As of now, the Community Notes feature on YouTube is under testing and it may take a few weeks or even months for a broader rollout. The feature right now is only available to users located in the United States. Eligible users who can add notes have already started getting an email invitation. The users can further check if they are eligible for the Community Notes or not via the YouTube Creators application.

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As soon as someone adds Community notes to a video, YouTube will first make use of its third-party evaluators to check whether the note is helpful or not. The system is trained in such a way that only the helpful and genuine Community Notes will appear in the videos.

Viewers will be able to rank the usefulness of Community Notes using a three-tier system: “helpful,” “somewhat helpful,” or “unhelpful” once the pilot goes beyond the initial group. Additionally, they can give detailed justifications for their scores, such as whether the letter is written clearly and concisely or references reliable sources. This is also similar to what we get on the Community Notes of X.

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