Apple tightens its grip on third party service restrictions

In a huge relief to Apple device users, the firm has revised its guidelines for third-party repairs and it has loosened its grip on some rules. According to the revised guidelines, Apple will now also extend support to iPhones having a third-party part replacement.

Third-party repair won’t stop software support on Apple iPhones

Apple has announced that it will now extend software support to third-party replacement batteries and displays installed in iPhones later this year. Previously, replacing the display on iPhones with a third-party display would deactivate the True Tone, and the battery health data would disappear after replacement. However, according to new guidelines, both software-based features will still be functional even if replaced by a third party.

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For reference, True Tone is a software-controlled feature that adjusts the iPhone display’s white balance according to the nearby environment. It was used to get deactivated if Apple detected that the user had installed a third-party replacement screen. This is now a thing of the past as the company will now allow consumers to activate Truen Tone with third-party parts. However, the performance might not be as good as the original screen. The brand has still guaranteed the best possible performance though.

Apple has assured users that they will still have access to battery statistics even after opting for a third-party battery replacement. However, the company has cautioned that the accuracy of the data may be compromised in some cases. This is because third-party vendors may sell old batteries as new, leading the software to inaccurately display 100% battery health.

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