How to fix phone battery decrease when not using it?

Our smartphones are indispensable tools in today’s fast-paced digital world. However, it incredibly frustrating when your phone’s battery drains quickly, even when not in use. This issue can be influenced by multiple factors. You can maximize your phone’s battery life by addressing them systematically. In this article, we’ll explore ways to fix battery drainage while the phone is idle. We will focus on common causes. These causes include Always On Display, continuous notifications, background app updates, backup processes, and excessive power consumption when connected to weak network signals from distant cell towers.

Always On Display (AOD)

The Always On Display feature shows information on your screen. It works even when the device is in sleep mode. While aesthetically pleasing, AOD can significantly impact battery life. To address this, navigate to your device settings and disable AOD if you find it unnecessary. This simple step can lead to noticeable energy savings.

Additionally, some smartphones don’t have AOD protection. Therefore, it may be inevitable for OLED burn to appear on your screen. So consider these two things when using AOD.


Constant notifications waking up your screen can cause to battery drain. Review your notification settings and consider adjusting them to minimize screen activations. Disabling unnecessary notifications helps preserve battery life during idle periods. Managing notifications to appear only when the screen is active is effective. This can help conserve battery power when the phone is not in use.

The screen consumes more energy every time it is turned on. Therefore, constantly turning on the screen and showing you notifications consumes a lot of energy, contrary to popular belief. If you test this one night, you can see the serious difference. In addition, the notification sound that plays as well as the screen turning on also negatively affects the charge.

Background App Updates

Applications that run updates in the background can use power. They can do this even when you’re not using your phone actively. Go to your device’s app settings. Configure the Play Store settings to update only manually. You can manually update the apps yourself by setting that. This way, you have more control over when updates occur, optimizing battery usage.

Backup Processes

Apps like WhatsApp that regularly back up data can drain battery. Adjust the backup frequency or set backups to occur only when connected to Wi-Fi. By doing this, you’ll lower the effect on your battery life. You’ll still make sure your data is securely backed up.

Weak Network Signals

Your phone may use more power in areas with weak network. This happens when it tries to connect to faraway cell towers. During these instances, the phone works harder to establish a connection. This leads to increased energy consumption. Consider toggling to airplane mode in weak signal areas to mitigate this. Activate low-power mode as an alternative solution.

Use Slow Charging

If you always charge your phone fast, the energy reaching the device’s battery may be inefficient. Think of it as a 10% of charging energy actually reaching as 5% to the battery. The battery is not filled with full capacity and quality energy. That’s why your battery drains faster. You can test it by charging it with a 5W charger overnight.

Maximizing your phone’s battery life involves thoughtful adjustments to settings. It also requires mindful usage practices. To make your phone work better and last longer, you need to focus on these factors individually. The factors that contribute to this are the Always On Display feature, persistent notifications, background app updates, backup processes, and network signal strength. You can enjoy longer battery life even when your phone is idle.

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