Is GCam Port ending with Google Camera 9.1?

GCam Ports is an Camera Application that greatly improves the camera for smartphone users. Thanks to Google Camera’s post processing software technology, the photos taken are processed. Pro mode features were added for the Pixel 8 series with Google Camera 9.1. After the Google Camera 9.1 application was released, GCam developers stated that the porting of the GCam 9.1 version. Developers said it was completely different from previous versions and that there were major problems in the porting process.

Thanks to the Ultra HDR feature added with Google Camera version 9.1, the feature of taking HDR photos that can be viewed on smartphones with HDR screens has been added. Unlike HDR+, Ultra HDR adds HDR feature to the photo and adds an effect as if you are watching an HDR video. Bright areas take advantage of the brightness of the screen to become bright. In this way, photos with shadows or night shots can be viewed much better.

Due to this newly added Ultra HDR feature, this new HDR processing feature in Google Camera 9.1 makes port operation difficult on GCam Ports. Known GCam developer Shamim said that Google’s HDR and video codes are encrypted. That’s why HDR+ processing doesn’t work on his GCam 9.1 Port. We do not know if GCam Port developers can decrypt codes, but it seems that this popular GCam ports are in risk.

If GCam HDR codes cannot decrypt or an alternative cannot be found, GCam HDR features may no longer be available. GCam’s biggest feature was that it used HDR. Thanks to HDR, photos were of much better quality and had much more accurate color and white balance. If GCam developers cannot solve this problem, it seems that Android’s biggest advantage will disappear.

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