Nokia plans to launch 17+ models in 2024

HMD’s recent prominence has created some perceptions that the Nokia brand is all but dead. But Nokia will continue to launch smartphones and is expected to announce more than 17 models this year. It’s worth noting that there is an official agreement between Nokia and HMD until 2026.

Seeing that HMD would launch new products under its own name, everyone thought that the Nokia brand would never be seen again. Now we come to you with different news. Nokia is preparing to officially launch 17+ models in 2024.

Nokia is coming up with new phones

The renaming of NokiaMobile accounts to HMD signaled the end of Nokia. However, what is really meant is that the HMD Global team wants to focus on the HMD brand instead of Nokia and become the new star of the smartphone market. We at the GSMChina team have spotted that 17 new Nokia phones will be launched in 2024. Although the IMEI Database doesn’t provide the specifications of the devices, the existence of the 17 new models is officially confirmed.

  • TA-1603
  • TA-1607
  • TA-1609
  • TA-1610
  • TA-1611
  • TA-1612
  • TA-1613
  • TA-1614
  • TA-1615
  • TA-1616
  • TA-1617
  • TA-1618
  • TA-1619
  • TA-1621
  • TA-1622
  • TA-1625
  • TA-1628

Nokia’s new devices are currently in testing and we don’t have any information on when they will be unveiled. Maybe some models will be unveiled at MWC. We can’t say anything definite about the release dates. Although it is not known what features Nokia’s new products will have, it is confirmed that the Nokia brand is not completely dead. At least the IMEI Database provides us with information about the brand.

Nokia will continue to launch new models. Maybe in 2026 and beyond, the brand will start releasing fewer products and continue to live on. HMD Global Oy will focus on its products to be launched under the HMD brand and we can’t wait to see the new HMD phones.


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