Pixel 8’s manual camera settings (exclusive pro) are now available for all Android devices

Google introduced the Pro mode feature with Pixel 8 series. Initially, this feature was exclusive to Pixel 8 series. However, now with the modded APK that we have offered, many Pixel models can also have access to the Pro mode feature. The fact that this feature, which has been present in many brands like Xiaomi and Samsung for years, is newly introduced in Pixel devices has surprised users. With the launch of Pixel 8 series a few days ago, the Pro Mode has been added. So, how can you use the Pro mode on all Android devices? Here are the details!

How to activate the Pixel 8’s Pro Mode on other smartphones?

Google generated a lot of buzz with the Pro mode it added to Pixel 8 series. However, users of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series, which were released in previous years, want this feature on their own smartphones. With the Google Camera application we have offered you, you can use the Pro Mode feature on your old Pixel device. In addition, this Google Camera can be used on all other smartphone models.

Version offers a new pro mode design. However, an unmodified Google Camera app still retains the brightness sliders previously found on older devices. The installation of the modded Google Camera 9.1 APK is quite simple. First, click here to download the modded Google Camera app. Then, select and install the APK you’ve downloaded. Now, you’ll be able to use Pro Mode on all Android devices before the Pixel 8 series. The new Pro mode offers many impressive features.

The first of these is the ability to adjust the ISO value as you wish. This will allow you to change the light sensitivity in the photograph. In addition, you can also adjust the exposure time. Increasing the exposure time will result in brighter images. This is an important detail for users who value night photography. Additionally, the ability to capture photos with the DCI-P3 color palette has been added. Thanks to our modded Google Camera APK, users who do not have Pixel 8 series can use these features seamlessly.

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