Things to enjoy listening to music on your phone

Nowadays, most users prefer their smartphones to listen to music. However, sometimes you feel that the sound quality is insufficient. You can greatly improve the sound quality by making some adjustments before listening to music on your smartphone.

Choosing the right earphone type

Choosing the type of earphones that best suits you is one of the most important factors that determine the sound quality. Some users prefer earphones with silicone tips, while others prefer earphones without silicone tips. Before you buy earphones, you should make your choice carefully.

Even if you have purchased a silicone tip earphone, you must use a silicone tip suitable for your ear shape. If you use an inappropriate size, the ergonomics will decrease and you will not be able to get the most out of the headset.

Use FLAC music file extension

Another trick is the extension type of the music you download. If you are still downloading MP3 music, you should stop doing that. MP3 extension is very old nowadays and does not offer a high bitrate. Instead, opt for FLAC. FLAC offers a high bitrate and does not cause quality loss. However, .flac audio files are about 4-5 times larger than .mp3 audio files.

Change the default Bluetooth audio codec preference

If you use a Bluetooth headset to listen to music, the audio quality may degrade due to using the wrong audio codec. Many users use the SBC audio codec by default. If your smartphone and headset support it, choose aptX or AAC audio codecs. Follow “Settings – Developer Options – Bluetooth Audio Codec” to change the audio codec settings.

Right equalizer settings

The right equalizer setting is the main factor in being able to distinguish the instruments in a music with your ears and having the right bass-treble balance. If you do not set an equalizer yourself, your smartphone will continue to play the music with the default settings. You will feel the big difference when you change the equalizer setting according to your headphones and your own listening taste.

It is very easy to improve the sound quality of the music you listen to with these recommendations. If you have made the recommended adjustments, the sound quality will improve significantly.

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