Tips for fast charging your phone in the car

Charging your smartphone in the car is not as easy as charging it at home. While the likelihood of problems when charging with household power is very low, you may encounter many problems when charging in the car. Read the following recommendations to avoid problems and charge your smartphone in a healthy way in the car.

Check the car electric system

Proper functioning of the car battery and alternator is very important to charge your smartphone properly. Because if the battery is weak or the alternator can not supply enough power, the charger also can not supply enough power. Your car charger may not work properly due to unstable voltage. Even worse, if the car charger you use is of poor quality, your smartphone may be severely damaged due to the unstable voltage.

Cigarette lighter socket must be clean

It is important to keep the cigarette lighter socket clean for your car charger to work properly. If the contact between the charging adapter and the cigarette lighter socket is missing, great heat will be released due to arcing, and eventually there will be a risk of fire. Therefore, clean your car cigarette lighter socket regularly and observe if there are any visible problems.

Use the high quality car chargers

Using the right car chargers is the best option for your device and your vehicle. If you choose an inferior car charger, you may blow the cigarette lighter plug fuse or damage your smartphone. Many brands like Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi have special car chargers. If you want, you can also choose well-known brands like Anker, Spigen or Belkin.

Pay attention to the temperature

Your phone may not continue charging due to the temperature in the car. If you want to charge your phone in the car on summer days, you should first make sure that the place where you put the phone is not exposed to sunlight. If it is very hot in the car, you can turn on the air conditioner to make it easier to charge your smartphone.

Use dark mode

If you try to charge your phone while using it for navigation, your device will overheat. To prevent this, you can try putting your phone in dark mode. If you use dark mode on smartphones with AMOLED screens, the screen will use fewer pixels and cause less heat.


You should think twice while charging your phone in the car. Since the electrical system of cars is not as stable as home electricity, you should do some checks before charging your smartphone. By following the recommendations, you can safely charge your smartphone in the car.

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