Leaked Fairphone 5 render images reveal a huge design refresh.

Fairphone’s long-awaited new phone, Fairphone 5 is set to be revealed soon. The initial leaked images of Fairphone 5 have surfaced online, allegedly from official sources but detailed technical specifications of the phone are still unknown.

It’s been almost 2 years since the introduction of Fairphone 4 and now the company, known for their focus on repairability, is preparing to launch Fairphone 5. New images shared by Android Authority, reveal that Fairphone 5 boasts a higher screen-to-case ratio compared to its predecessor, thanks to its new display.

Fairphone 5

The first thing takes our attention is that the phone features a centrally located cutout selfie camera instead of the waterdrop notch present in the previous model. The rear camera module of Fairphone 5 showcases more rounded lines. While detailed technical information remains unknown, it is expected that Fairphone 5 will come with a wide-angle camera, an ultra-wide-angle camera, and a depth sensor just like its predecessor.

Fairphone 5 is designed for easy repairability. The company avoids the use of adhesives in their phones, and the battery can be replaced easily. Another significant difference from the previous model is the new range of color options. Fairphone 5 will be available in Black, Blue, and a transparent color variant, whereas the previous model was offered in green only.

It’s really hard to guess which SoC will be present on Fairphone 5 but everyone knows that a powerful chipset is needed to create a fast-performing smartphone, Fairphone also needs to ensure that the phone maintains good thermal management for this.

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