MediaTek jointly implements 7-billion AI language models on Vivo flagship smartphone

Vivo had recently announced their upcoming annual developer conference which is scheduled for November 2023. The brand will release its awaited OriginOS 4.0, some new strategic changes, and more. The meeting was also teased to focus heavily on AI and its implementation on upcoming Vivo devices. And now, a new announcement has been made which confirms that MediaTek has joined hands with Vivo in order to collaboratively advance AI integration in their devices.

MediaTek will handle the AI implementation on Vivo gadgets

MediaTek has officially announced a substantial collaboration and joint optimization effort with Vivo in the realm of AI, positioning themselves at the forefront of achieving the implementation of 1 billion and 7 billion AI-based large language models, as well as 1 billion AI visual large models for mobile devices.

The MediaTek Dimensity mobile CPU, according to sources, will power Vivo’s next flagship smartphone, making it the first to host a significant device-side AI model. By utilizing generative AI at the terminal level, it is possible to improve real-time speed, secure user data, and provide a customized user experience.

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The operational efficacy of full models at the terminal level can be noticeably improved by the combination of MediaTek’s next-generation flagship AI processor APU and the AI development platform NeuroPilot, the company has further stressed. In order to support Vivo’s generative AI applications at the terminal side, this dynamic duo seeks to provide significant AI computational power and performance.

This collaboration between the two tech giants is undeniably a strategic and pivotal step. The forthcoming conference promises to shed more light on the effectiveness of this partnership. Following the official release, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the practical benefits of AI implementation for users. It is our hope that these AI innovations will extend beyond the domestic Chinese market and reach overseas users, ensuring that these transformative changes are not confined solely to Chinese devices.


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