Best chargers compatible with iPhone 15 and Android devices!

Most current smartphones no longer come with a charger in the box. This situation, which began in 2020 when Apple removed chargers from phone boxes, is also the case with Samsung. Since there is no charger in the box, users charge their current smartphones with old or unsafe chargers that they own. Because of this, there is a great danger awaits users. Old or low-quality chargers may not provide enough power because they are incompatible with your current smartphone, or they may seriously damage your smartphone due to the irregular power supply.

There is no charger in the package of a new smartphone you bought, and you started charging your phone with an inferior charger. At first, you may not notice any negative effects except for the slow charging speed, but as the months go by, you will notice that the battery life of your phone starts to decrease. After some time, it is quite possible that your device’s battery will swell or explode before the warranty period ends. To avoid these problems, you need to use a high-quality charger. Take a look at chargers that are fully compatible with the latest Android smartphones and the new iPhone 15 series.

Anker Prime 100W GaN Charger

The GaN stamp on this charger, which offers 100 W of output power from Anker, represents the gallium nitride used in the charger’s semiconductor elements. Chargers made with GaN technology not only offer high output power in a small size, but also heat up less and have higher efficiency compared to other chargers.

The Anker Prime 100W charger has 1 USB-A and 2 USB-C outputs. You can get up to 20V-5A (100W) of output power via the USB-C outputs, while the USB-A port offers a maximum output power of 22.5W. With this model, you can quickly charge your laptops, tablets and smartphones with USB Type-C power input. The Anker Prime 100W GaN charger, which is fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy S23 series and iPhone 15 series, is offered on at a price of $84.99.

Spigen ArcStation Pro 40W Dual USB-C Wall Charger

Featuring two USB-C ports that deliver 40W of output power, Spigen’s charger is made with GaN technology semiconductors used in current chargers and offers high energy efficiency. The Spigen ArcStation Pro 40W, which features over-current protection and high-temperature protection, as well as high-quality circuit elements inside the charger, can deliver up to 30W through a single USB-C port and 40W in total, 20W + 20W when two USB-C ports are used simultaneously. It can output power. The product supports current Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI and Xiaomi models. You can buy it from for $59.99.

Anker 511 (Nano 3) 30W Charger

This product, Anker’s small and affordable charger, has a much smaller size compared to many other chargers. You can easily carry it with you and safely connect it to your device. The charger, which has a USB-C port, can deliver a maximum output power of 30W. The Anker 511 charger, which is fully compatible with iPhone 15 models, can charge many mid-range Android devices at full power, but may be insufficient for flagship models. It can be purchased from Anker’s official website at a price of $19.99.

Ugreen Nexode 100W GaN Charger

This charger from Ugreen, which offers an output power of 100 W, is quite large and heavy for a charger. This is not a drawback, as this charger has many beneficial features. The Ugreen Nexode 100W charger is equipped with 3 USB-C and 1 USB-A output, has an energy efficiency of up to 95% and is equipped with the Thermal Guard Tech heat management system. Delivering 100W of power from a single USB-C output, this model can power up to 4 devices simultaneously. It is on sale on the with a price tag of $74.99.


The chargers in this list support all current smartphone models. If you choose models that offer 100W output power, you can charge Macbook, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch and many other products with USB-C input. In order not to risk the battery health of your devices, choose high-quality models. Choose the charger that meets your requirements from the list and order it.

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